How far is the run?

Each course is different but each course will be as close to a 5K as possible given the venue and keeping safety in mind.

Do I get timed?

We do not time this event for several reasons.  Safety of the children in the strollers and the runners is important to us.  We want to make sure everyone has a great time while running at a safe reasonable pace.

What time does the event start?

Each run is a little different based on location but the event will start out with some warm up directed by local gyms/active moms, followed by the actual running portion of the event.  Please check out the event page for specifics. After you are done running you can check out the Mom Expo after dropping your kids off at the FREE Kids Camp.

What do I get?

Each adult participant get a soft tri-blend track shirt, a race bib, and either a pinwheel or a water gun for your child.

Is there water during the race?

Yes!  We have a water and fruit snack station in the middle of the race with a little snack at the end.

Can my older children run?

Yes!  All children over 5 can run with you.  It is just $5 to register and they can even get a t-shirt for just $10.

What is the Stroller Valet?

This is a secure place you can park your stroller after the event so you don’t have to run back to your car.

What is the Kids Camp?

The kids camp is a service we provide for FREE so that you can check out the Mom Expo without worrying about your children staying entertained.  We will have games, activities, crafts, etc.  The kids camp area will be within eye shot so take a peak over from time to time.  You are ultimately responsible for your child, that they are potty trained and over 18 months.  Sorry, but we are not responsible for changing diapers.

What is at the Mom Expo?

Massages, shopping, drinks, food, boutiques, etc.  Just enjoy yourself after the run while your kids hang out in the kid camp.

Who are the Charities?

We have a local benefitting charity for each event.  Please check out the event page for specifics.

Do I have to have a running stroller?

No.  We do strongly encourage running strollers but if you would like to bring your regular stroller and walk we are totally ok with that.

Is it acceptable to wear my baby in a carrier?

Yes.  Feel free to walk with your friends as your baby snuggles up next to you.

Can I run if I am pregnant?

Of course, but please consult your doctor first.

I am not a mom, can I run?

Yes!  Aunts, Uncles, Dads, Grandparents and even big bothers and sisters can all participate.

When do I get my stuff?

Please arrive early in order to collect your shirt, race bib and kids gift.  The closer you arrive to start time the longer the line may be so be prepared.
Still Have Questions?

Please fill out the form below and one of our team members will respond to your note via email.  Due to peak volume the week of each event, we prioritize our responses to the upcoming race. All other requests will be answered within 72 business hours.