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Since its founding in 2004, KIND® has been on a mission to make the world a little kinder one snack and one act at a time. KIND was born out of its founder’s desire to create a snack that was healthy and tasty, wholesome and convenient. What began as a line of premium Fruit & Nut bars sparked the creation of an entirely new healthier snacking category. Today, KIND has a family of snacks that offer solutions for a variety of different occasions.

Its recipes include nutrient-dense, simple and premium ingredients like whole nuts, seeds, whole grains, and pieces of fruit. All of its snacks are gluten free and do not contain genetically engineered ingredients.

Since day one, kindness has been at the core of its business. KIND was founded with a social mission, called the KIND Movement, which celebrates and inspires kindness through acts big and small. Today, the Movement is brought to life through both the brand and The KIND Foundation. To learn more about KIND and to join our Movement, visit

FIT4MOM is dedicated to the Strength In Motherhood™. By providing classes and support for moms in every stage of motherhood. Through Fit4Baby’s prenatal fitness classes, Stroller Strides, Body Back, and Our Village, women have the opportunity to have a workout and support that is flexible around motherhood.

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Our mission is to give women a collective voice so that they can help each other identify brands, products and services that deserve her loyalty and referrals. We are a trusted referral source for women who are searching for the most recommended hospitals, businesses, brands and services.

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Millennial Mom Whitepaper

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Brand Categories

These are just a few examples. We also work with baby brands, grocery stores, pet products, and race gear companies.


Spend activation dollars where they are more likely to convert.


We provide a partnership that delivers a high quality target audience.

Connect Online

01. Social Media

Millennial Moms are known to have 3.4 social networks on average.* The Stroller Run’s devoted social media team is active on all major outlets and has a strong web presence in local and national ad campaigns. With social media integration and digital assets in the Virtual Swag Bag, our Promotional Landing page.

Deliver an Experience

02. Mom’s Expo

With 71% of modern mothers working outside the home and feeling the pressure to ‘have-it-all-and-show it, Millennial Mother are looking for multifaceted family center activities.* The Stroller Run is multi-faceted and provides opportunities for social, active, and convenient (with our FREE Kids Camp) entertainment. Additionally, this event satisfies the urge of the Millennial Mom to experience and “share” the newest and greatest in “Mom Life” with our post race Mom’s Expo.

Support Children’s Charities

03. Give Back

92% of Millennial Moms reportedly want to buy products that support charities or bigger causes.* The Stroller Run partners with local charities that make the biggest impact on mothers, families, and at risk populations and contribute a percentage of the event proceeds.

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Affiliation with The Stroller Run event, will enable you to gain national or regional access to the loyal market of Millennial Moms and their families. From research focused on this market…  “The birth of a child is a turning point when they (Millennial Moms) will realize new brand loyalties…, understanding how parenthood changes Millennial trends is crucial for marketers attempting to reach this elusive audience.”*

What we can help you achieve?

Reaching millennial mom’s and their families in 18 U.S. markets. 

Target Audience
  • Millennial Moms
  • Families & Friends
  • Active Lifestyles
  • Community Oriented
  • 18 Cities of Mom’s

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